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Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips

Featured Tip - Sweet Dreams... Keeping Babies Safe

Help protect the little ones you love! Remember these important rules for safe infant sleep:

  • Always follow the ABCs of safe sleep: babies are safest Alone, on their Backs, in their Cribs.
  • Babies should always sleep on a firm, safety-approved crib mattress with a tightly fitted sheet. Avoid fluffy, loose bedding.
  • Babies should sleep in an uncluttered crib. Keep stuffed animals, bumper pads and multiple blankets out of the crib. These things might seem cute and cuddly, but they are unsafe!
  • Don't make the room too warm and don't over-bundle a sleeping baby. A good rule to remember is that if you're comfortable, the baby will be, too.
  • Babies need to sleep in their crib, not in your bed, on the couch or in a car seat. Keep your baby close to you, but separate.
  • Babies should sleep on their backs at all times. Remember: back to sleep, tummy to play.
  • Don't ever smoke — or let anyone else smoke — around your baby. The risk of SIDS dramatically increases when infants are exposed to secondhand smoke.

For more information on infant safe sleep practices, visit . First Candle is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping every baby sleep safe and sound. Click here to view a flyer on creating a safe sleep environment: English Version, Spanish Version.

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