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Auto Title FAQ

Auto Title Locations

How do I apply for a lost, stolen or destroyed title or memorandum?
Bring your registration or vehicle identification number and driver's license or State I.D. to one of our offices or to any Auto Title Section in the State of Ohio. The fee is $15.00
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How much will my taxes be?
Your tax rate depends on your county of residence. Franklin County's tax rate is 7.5%.
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How do I transfer my out of state title?
You must have your car inspected at a new car dealership or Deputy Registrar (click here for locations of Deputy Registrars in the Central Ohio area). Bring in your out of state title, inspection form and your driver's license or State I.D. The inspection fee is $5.00 total. You will pay $3.50 at the time of inspection and $1.50 when you title your vehicle. If there is a lien on your title or for new purchases, contact our office at (614) 525-3090.
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How do I obtain my license plates or driver's license?
You must contact a Deputy Registrar. Follow the above link or see License Services in the yellow pages.
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What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, money orders, personal checks and traveler's checks. Personal checks must be drawn from a local bank. No starter checks are accepted. Payments are made to "Franklin County Clerk of Courts Auto Title Division." We also accept major credit cards. There is an added convenience fee (3% of the transaction amount or $1.00, whichever is higher).
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How can I transfer a title for another person if they are unable to come to your office?
You may obtain a power of attorney from one of our offices, on our web site (Auto Title Forms) or from a Deputy Registrar, and have the new owner sign this form in the presence of a notary. This form will give you Power of Attorney so that you may sign on their behalf. Be sure that the Social Security Number of the owner is listed on the form.
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How do I obtain information regarding a vehicle history?
You can access the Bureau of Motor Vehicles web site at or come into one of our offices and fill out a Record Request Form. The requester must qualify under the Bureau of Motor Vehicles guidelines and statutes.
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My spouse is deceased; how do I transfer the title into my name?
Bring in the Ohio title, a copy of the death certificate and your driver's license or State I.D. to one of our offices or any County Clerk's office in the state of Ohio. You may take title to 2 vehicles by surviving spouse; however, the combined value of both vehicles cannot exceed $40,000.
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When a car is abandoned on my property, how can I obtain a title?
Only a business licensed for storage or repair may obtain a title for an abandoned vehicle. If the car is left on private property you must obtain a court order. Please contact our office for more information at (614) 525-3090.
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Can I record a notary commission at your office?
Yes, you can. If you are applying for a new or renewal notary commission you will need to contact the Columbus Bar Association for the application. Once the notary commission has been issued by the State of Ohio we can record the notary commission at our office. Bring in the commission along with your driver's license. The fee is $6.00 (click here for further information).
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What forms of identification are acceptable for Franklin county certificate of title issuance?
  • Drivers License from any state or country
  • State issued Identification Card from any state
  • Valid Passport from any country
  • State, Federal, or International Agency photo ID
  • Military or Veterans Identification Card
  • Government Agency Work Identification Card
  • Birth Certificate and Social Security Card
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