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Sogg v. Goodman

If you received a post card, mailing or check from the Settlement Administrator, Strategic Claims Service, in the matter of Sogg v. Goodman, please read the following before contacting the Franklin County Clerk of Courts' office:

1. QUESTIONS at this time???
Please refer to the mailer you received and to the Strategic Claims Service website,, for answers to many questions.

2. This was a class action case; law firms representing the class manage the litigation. As a member of the certified class, you may be sent subsequent mailings and/or notices.

3. The entire content of the Sogg v. Goodman case (Case No. 04 CV 8028) can be accessed through the Franklin County's Case Information Online at Click through all the prompts to the "Search" landing page. Type in the case year 04, select CV, and enter 8028.

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