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In the State of Ohio, a notary public is a person appointed and commissioned by the Secretary of State to:
  • Administer oaths required or authorized by law;
  • Take and certify depositions;
  • Take and certify acknowledgements of deeds, mortgages, liens, powers of attorney, and other written instruments;
  • Receive, make, and record notorial protests.

The Clerk of Courts is responsible for recording notary commissions and keeping them on file. The cost to file is $5.00 and an extra $1.00 to administer the oath. Please note that you must record your notary in your county of residence.

Notaries public are filed in our Civil Section.

To become a notary in Franklin County, please contact the Columbus Bar Association at (614) 221-3810, or visit their web site at

Notary Verification

If you have a signed document notarized by a notary public in Franklin County, you can bring it to the Civil Section to verify that the notary is registered in Franklin County. Cost for notary verification is $2.00 per verification.

If you need to complete this verification by mail, please send a copy of the document, a self-addressed stamped envelope and $2.00 per verification (check or money order) to:

Franklin County Clerk of Courts
Civil Section
345 South High Street, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

If you are a resident of Ohio, 18 years of age or older and would like more information about becoming a notary or would like to receive a notary registration packet from the Columbus Bar Association, please visit The People's Bar.