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2015 Budget Approved

On December 16, 2014, at their final meeting of the year, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners approved the operating budget for 35 county agencies which totals $397.4 million and includes $113 million for the County Sheriff’s Office and just under $15 million for community partners whose mission it is to address housing & economic development, health services, childhood development, safety and human services which are policy priorities for the County Commissioners. The 2015 All Funds Budget is $1.4 billion.

Infrastructure Works Program to Infuse Millions into Local Communities

Through its new Infrastructure Works program, Franklin County will make $3.5 million available annually for the next 4-5 years, resulting in a capital infusion of nearly $20 million into cities, villages and townships within Franklin County.

Beginning early next year, below market rate loans will be available for the construction or rehabilitation of local infrastructure projects which will result in significant economic growth, job creation and generate new private capital investment in Franklin County.

Eligible projects include transportation, energy, water and telecommunications infrastructure.

Hall of Justice Renovation Complete

Renovation of the Hall of Justice (HOJ) building located at 369 S. High Street has been completed. The County Commissioners utilized a pay-as-you-grow approach, only building out five of the ten floors.

Over the Columbus Day holiday weekend, the Law Library and Adult Probation Department moved into their new offices in the HOJ. The renovated facility will feature a new first floor conference center, while the Adult Probation Department will occupy the fourth, fifth and sixth floors. The Law Library has returned to the tenth floor.

Watch General Session Online

Videos of the County Commissioners' General Session meetings are now online. Click on the link below to watch the most recent meeting.

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Your choices as a consumer impact our environment. Paint, cleaners, and insecticides, if not properly disposed of, can end up contaminating our soil and water.

When you buy these chemicals, buy only what you need. Share them with your neighbors. And never throw them in the trash or down the drain.

For information on safe disposal and drop off call 614-294-1300 or visit

Courthouse Cafeteria Implements Zero Waste Plan

Commissioners have rolled-out an initiative to add the recycling of organic materials in the courthouse cafeteria. Commissioners hope that when combined with an already robust commingled recycling program, this initiative to recycle food scraps and compostable containers will help the cafeteria achieve Zero Waste, which refers to 90-percent or more diversion of generated materials from the landfill.


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