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Commissioners Release 'State of the County' Report

from Board of Commissioners

The Franklin County Commissioners have released a State of the County report, a first for Franklin County, Ohio.

The 12-page, user-friendly electronic document is meant to serve as a helpful guide to residents and visitors who wish to better understand the value county government has in improving the quality of life and business.

FCCS's FamJam at Mayor Coleman's Neighborhood Pride Block Party

from Children Services

Come to the party! You're invited to FCCS's FamJam @ Mayor Coleman's Neighborhood Pride Block Party, a free family-enrichment festival, on August 29 at Columbus Commons (160 South High Street) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This event is brought to you by FCCS and the City of Columbus. This year's event will be full of fun and informative activities for the whole family including: face painting, free health screenings, entertainment from local acts, resource booths, games, bounce houses, a climbing wall and more. Complimentary food and beverages will be provided while supplies last. A host of exhibitors will be on-hand to share helpful information with attendees. Local police, sheriff and fire departments will meet the public and display some of their vehicles.

Join us for the fun. Visit our Facebook page for regular updates on the event. Click here to learn more.

Heat Safety

from Franklin County Public Health

Summer can be a fun time with vacations, picnics and other enjoyable activities, but the hot weather poses many potential health risks such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Visit the Franklin County Public Health website for more information and safety tips.

Downtown Works Initiative to Revitalize Downtown Commercial Districts

from Board of Commissioners

On July 7, the Commissioners authorized a new economic development initiative called Downtown Works. The latest in the Commissioners' Smart Works suite of economic development programs, Downtown Works is a partnership with Heritage Ohio, which works with municipalities all over the state to preserve and revitalize historic downtowns, and is funded with $54,175 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) money.

Rocky Fork Metro Park

from Metro Parks

Join the Metro Parks for the opening of Rocky Fork Metro Park and a celebration to commemorate Metro Parks' 70th anniversary at 10 a.m. on August 14.

Visit the Metro Parks website for more information on Rocky Fork Metro Park.

Water Advisories: Helping to Protect Ohio's Waterways from Our Own Backyard

from Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District

While the current nutrient-related water pollution incidents in the news leave challenges for policy makers, there are things we can do at home to reduce nutrient pollution in our streams. We know nutrients can be beneficial to plant growth; elevated nutrients that wash off the land and in our streams can pose a threat to human health. Elevated concentrations of nitrates present a health risk to both infants and women who are pregnant. This spring nitrate levels were identified in drinking water coming from the Columbus Dublin Road water plant, resulting in a water advisory.

Elevated levels of soluble phosphorus can also pose a risk. Harmful algae blooms caused by elevated phosphorus levels produce toxins that can be harmful to humans and pets. As families take to the beaches for summer break, there continues to be concerns about toxic algae in lakes across Ohio. Fertilizers, animal waste, and sewage are major sources of nutrient pollution in our streams. Other sources include atmospheric deposition of automobile exhaust, soil erosion, yard waste, and detergents.

There are many actions residents and homeowners can take to reduce nutrient pollution in our local streams. Visit the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District website to learn more.

Metro Parks 2015 GeoTrail

from Metro Parks

Search for caches in the Metro Parks 2015 GeoTrail, May 16 - August 31. Metro Parks' GeoTrail 2015 will take you on a tour of the parks while you learn about animal camouflage, mimicry and other ways wildlife hides in plain site. Visit the Metro Parks website for more information.

Mosquito Season Is upon Us

from Franklin County Public Health

Mosquito season is upon us. Visit the Franklin County Public Health website for complete Mosquito Program facts, updates and more.

Mud & Madness at Metro Parks

from Metro Parks

Get ready for muddy fun and adventure at Metro Parks this autumn, at one (or all) of the three MUD & MADNESS AT METROPARKS events. You'll negotiate several natural and man-made obstacles as you take a 1- to 2-mile scenic route through the parks. Visit the Metro Parks website for more information and to register.