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Date: 02-18-2009

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Hanna M. Greer

Emily Wickham

Commissioners Award Community Partnership Funding to Tech Corps Ohio

During Tuesday's General Session meeting, Franklin County Commissioners approved a Community Partnership Grant for Tech Corps Ohio. Tech Corps actively offers programs to young people in disadvantaged communities within Franklin County that foster science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, specifically education in information technology. Tech Corps Ohio prepares children for school and successful careers as adults.

The $30,000 in funding will provide after-school programs and summer activities to young people in disadvantaged communities within Franklin County. The programs will be designed to engage youth in information technology, increase their level of understanding and proficiency, and encourage further exploration of technology education and career pathways.

Tech Corp will also develop a website and portal which allows participants to build a virtual community in which they can communicate, share and collaborate in a safe, monitored space. The website portal will provide the necessary data to update and enhance program offerings as well as track students as they progress through Tech Corps Ohio and beyond.

"Our partnership with Tech Corps will ensure that many more of our students are prepared to seek the knowledge economy's tech jobs, which will increase by 67% in 2010," said Commissioner Paula Brooks. "Because jobs in the technical field are growing, we want our students in Franklin County to be equipped with those necessary technical skills."

"Engaging our children in educational activities that will make them better students and better employees in the future is critical to our society," said Commissioner Marilyn Brown. "Tech Corps offers these programs that will prepare them for success."

"Through the Tech Corps program, students of all ages will be able to expand their learning," said Commissioner John O'Grady. "Their programs allow students to work in the community and think about a future in a technical career."

Any parent or student interested in learning more about the Tech Corps programs should contact Tech Corps Ohio at 614.583.9211 or visit their website at