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NEW! All MINOR'S SETTLEMENT, DISINTERMENT, STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT TRANSFERS and OHIO TRANSFER TO MINORS ACT case type documents must be submitted through the Franklin County Electronic Filing System.

NEW! starting April 22, 2013 all NAME CHANGE case type documents must be submitted through the Franklin County Electronic Filing System.

All Probate CIVIL actions ADOPTIONS and MENTAL COMMITMENT documents must be submitted through the Franklin County Electronic Filing System.

Judge Montgomery, who has served on the bench since January 2011, said: "We are excited to utilize technology to better serve our taxpayers. e-Filing will allow our customers to save time and money by not having to come to the courthouse in person to file. Additionally, this also coincides with the County's on-going "green" initiative preserving resources, such as paper and electricity."

Attention Guardianship Applicants

Upon applying for guardianship you are required to have a BCI background check performed. Background checks should be completed as soon as possible to allow for processing. Timeframe for processing is 3 to 30 days.Click on the below link to locate a BCI background check site near you:

Backgrounds checks may also be performed at Probate Court during regular business hours.

Probate News Items

New Enhancements Regarding Custodial Expenditures

On April 2, 2012 a new procedure for Custodial Depository Expenditures was implemented by the court. These changes were necessitated by the continued requirements on the Probate Court to provide more services with less personnel and less funding.Applications to Expend Funds from Custodial Depository must include a detailed description of the exact amount of money that is being requested and what you are requesting for the expenditure. It is required that all documentation supporting the request be submitted at the time of the filing. This includes the bank name and last four digits of the bank account number on the proposed Entry to Expend Funds.The applications may be submitted by mail or in person. The filing costs of $16.00 is due at the time the Application is filed. The applications are to be submitted directly to docketing clerk and the cashier. If the application is submitted by mail, the payment should be made by money order payable to Franklin County Probate Court and sent to the attention of: Magistrate/App to Expend.The Request for Expenditures will be reviewed by a committee on a weekly basis and the decision on the application will be mailed to the applicant. Applicants should allow sufficient time for the court to review the application, and ensure that the court is aware of the applicant's current address.

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