Judge's Sidebar: Probate News

Rules and Procedures Regarding Confidential Personal Identifiers on Probate Court Filings

Filers are required to omit certain information from documents filed with the court based upon changes to the rules of Superintendence by the Ohio Supreme Court. This information includes the following:

  1. Social Security Numbers (except the last 4 digits), and
  2. Financial account numbers, such as bank account numbers, investment account numbers, and debit or credit card numbers (the entire number)

Filers must complete a form called Confidential Personal Identifiers where they record financial account numbers necessary for tracking accounts, securities, and other pertinent information pertaining to their probate cases. View more information and instructions on how to use this form.

Guardianship Student Visitor Program

In cooperation with The Ohio State University School of Social Work and Ohio Dominican University, the Probate Court takes on student interns to assist with home visits on the Court's guardianship cases.

The student visitor program was created as a means for the Court to monitor the effectiveness of existing guardianships while helping to prepare future professionals in the fields of social work, mental health and elder care.

Supervised by the Court's Senior Investigator, these students visit a select number of the Court's wards, speak to their respective guardian(s) and make general inquiries into the functionality of the guardianship. These visits are made to existing wards of the Court, unlike the visits that are made to proposed wards prior to the court determining their need for guardianship.

The Court encourages guardians to help their wards understand that these home visits are not a re-evaluation of their competency but rather an examination of the effectiveness of the guardianship which is already in place.