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Prescription Discount Card

Letter from the Commissioners

Dear Franklin County Resident,

As costs for medications continue to increase, we are pleased to announce that a FREE prescription discount card is now available to you and your family! Thanks to the support of the National Association of Counties, United Way of Ohio and many local partners, every Franklin County resident can save as much as twenty percent on prescription medications.

It's easy to participate with no fees, no forms, no requirements, and no restrictions, regardless of age, income, or health care coverage. There are no costs to the county, county taxpayers, or consumers. Everyone is eligible, and consumers always receive the lowest retail price, saving money if you don't have insurance, or on medications not covered by insurance.

Best of all, the card is easy to use. The Franklin County Prescription Discount Card is accepted at 59,000 pharmacies in 950 counties nationwide. So, whether you are at your local pharmacy or traveling on vacation - Franklin County residents can save on your prescription medication costs.

We know that making ends meet is especially difficult to do when the cost of gasoline, groceries and medications continue to rise. However, by picking up your FREE Prescription Discount Card you can start saving today.


Franklin County Board of Commissioners

About the Card

It's free: This is a free resource from the Franklin County community service partnership. Use the Frankin County Rx Card to start saving money on your prescription drugs today.

It's easy: Simply present your card and prescription to a participating pharmacy to obtain the discounted price. You always receive the lower of the discounted price or pharmacy's retail price.

How much you save: This card can save you and your family an average of 20% on 8 out of 10 prescriptions.

No restrictions: Use your card as often as you need, for any prescription, for everyone in your family. There is no income limit, age requirement, eligibility or registration required.

This is not health insurance: Discounts are available only at participating pharmacies.

The Franklin County Rx Card program was designed for uninsured and underinsured county residents. Through a partnership with Caremark, this simple discount card can save an average of 20% off the full retail cost of prescription medication. Here are the key factors that make it a great program:

  • It is easy to participate. There are no enrollment fees, no forms to fill out, no age or income requirements, and no medical condition restrictions. The entire family is covered with just one card and virtually all commonly prescribed medicine is covered;
  • There are no costs. There is no cost to the county, county taxpayers, or consumers to participate. Caremark negotiates the discounts directly with participating pharmacies. Neither NACo nor the participating counties receive any revenue from the program;
  • Everyone is eligible. The discount cards are provided free to residents living in participating NACo member counties across the country. A national network of more than 57,000 retail pharmacies honor the card;
  • Consumers always receive the lowest retail price. On occasion, pharmacies will price a particular medication lower than the discount rate available with the Franklin County Rx card. If that occurs, consumers will receive the lower price. Either way, consumers will always receive the best price available.
Marilyn Brown President
Paula Brooks
John O'Grady