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If you are wanted in Franklin County on non-violent misdemeanor warrants, you may not have to go to jail. During the three day period from August 23rd to the 25th, Franklin County's court and law enforcement partners are conducting the "Franklin County Safe Surrender" program.

This program provides an opportunity for persons wanted on these warrants, to voluntarily appear before the court for favorable consideration. To take advantage of the safe surrender program; check for qualifying non-violent misdemeanor warrants using the Safe Surrender Warrant Search; then come to the Franklin County Courthouse at 373 S. High Street from 1pm - 5pm August 23rd, 9am - 5pm Aug. 24th, or 9am-7pm Aug. 25th.

If you have further questions about the safe surrender program, please call the Franklin County Safe Surrender hotline at 614-645-6230.

Safe Surrender Warrant Search

The Safe Surrender Warrant Search will allow you to find cases within the Franklin County Municipal Court that have warrants applied to them. Only qualifying non-violent offenses are eligible for the Franklin County Safe Surrender program. Types of offenses that are excluded from this program include:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated Menacing
  • Menacing by Stalking
  • Menacing
  • Arson
  • Inciting to Violence
  • Riot
  • Inducing Panic
  • Domestic Violence
  • Witness Intimidation
  • Violations of substantially similar municipal ordinances, other state's statutes, and/or US law.

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