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The DowntownWorks program is an ongoing partnership with Heritage Ohio to assist and encourage Franklin County’s communities to join Heritage Ohio’s Main Street Program, and adopt the “Main Street Approach.” The Main Street Program supports the efforts of local stakeholders that seek to revitalize and enhance their community’s central business districts by providing the tools, training, and technical expertise needed to foster economic growth and development. DowntownWorks uses Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) dollars to pay half of the cost for a community to become a Main Street Program partner, and funds a dedicated position at Heritage Ohio to help manage downtown revitalization efforts across the county.

By joining the Main Street Program and enhancing the amenities of their downtowns through DowntownWorks, communities have the opportunity to increase interest, foot traffic, and retail sales in their central business districts, thereby creating economic growth and jobs for Franklin County residents.

To learn more about the DowntownWorks program, please contact the DowntownWorks coordinator, Pearl-Jean Mabe, at Heritage Ohio at 614-258-6200 (ext. 22), or

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