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The EnergyWorks program is an ongoing partnership with the Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority (CFFA) to capitalize the Columbus Region Energy Fund, which provides loan financing to Franklin County businesses and nonprofit organizations for cost-effective, energy efficiency improvements. EnergyWorks is designed to increase the energy efficiency of both existing and new facilities, resulting in lower energy costs, fewer carbon emissions, and economic growth in Franklin County.

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy efficiency retrofits to existing buildings, including:
    • Lighting
    • Energy management systems and controls
    • High efficiency HVAC
    • Other energy efficiency improvements
  • Energy projects and distribution technologies:
    • Waste energy recovery: power generation, absorption chillers, process reviews
    • Fuel cells
    • Renewable power generation: methane gas, biomass, wind, solar, and photovoltaics
    • Other distribution technologies

Potential Uses

Industrial / Manufacturing
The Columbus Region Energy Fund is designed to address facility needs by using long-term cost saving strategies to pay for large facility upgrades. A comprehensive sustainability plan can be developed and implemented with the long-term goal of reducing energy demands. The Energy Fund can be your leading source of innovative facility, plant, utility, and energy infrastructure solutions that reduce operating costs, enhance plant productivity, demonstrate green strategies, and improve the overall workplace environment and safety.

Commercial / Retail
Commercial/retail buildings account for up to 75% of energy used and 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. The Columbus Region Energy Fund can improve your bottom line while enhancing the value of your buildings by making them more efficient, comfortable, and sustainable. The Energy Fund can finance projects that will help your buildings and businesses achieve sustainability goals, improve net operating income, improve overall workplace environments, and improve marketability and  tenant retention.

Government / Municipalities
The Columbus Region Energy Fund can help build stronger and smarter communities and save taxpayer funding in the process, The Energy Fund can help implement a variety of sustainable development and infrastructure strategies - from new green buildings, deep retrofits, and renewable energy to utility and infrastructure improvements.

Educational / K-12 / Colleges & Universities
A comfortable, healthy, and safe environment can enhance student performance and help attract and retain the best educators. The Columbus Region Energy Fund can help school systems and universities implement energy efficiency solutions that will help optimize staff productivity and facility operations. The Energy Fund can provide budget solutions through increased energy savings and lower facility operating costs.

Clinical, financial, and operational outcomes are imperative to healthcare facilities. The Columbus Region Energy Fund can finance energy efficiency plans that will improve the overall workplace environment and enhance the patient experience. The Energy Fund offers innovative finance structures for  energy efficiency project planning, management, and technology upgrades.

Loan Parameters

  • Loan Amounts: Range from $100,000 to $5 million projects; potential for up to 100% of the total project cost
  • Interest Rate: Fixed rates, determined by the term of the loan; (Ex. A 15 year term can assume around 4.5%)
  • Loan Term: Up to 15 year terms
  • PACE Assessment: If the project is located within an Energy Special Improvement District, the loan may be tied to the property tax bill, rather than the borrower’s credit

Recent Projects

PNC Plaza - City of Columbus
In March of 2016, the Franklin County Commissioners announced the PNC Plaza EnergyWorks project in the City of Columbus. EnergyWorks provided a $400,000 PACE loan to assist with more than $3.3 million in energy efficiency upgrades to the 24 story PNC Plaza. The project includes green improvements to the 360,000 sq.ft. building’s roof, lighting, and water supply and will provide energy savings of about 15%, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5,000 tons annually. Read the Press Release.

How to access these funds

To learn more about EnergyWorks and the Columbus Region Energy Fund, visit the Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority energy fund site, or contact the Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority at or (614) 429-0177.

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