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In 2013, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners granted our agency an additional allocation of $5.5 million per year for Fiscal Years 2015 to 2019 to start, capitalize, and implement four impactful and highly innovative economic development programs. Through the following suite of SmartWorks programs, the County’s goal is to make ongoing strategic investments in the areas of economic development, workforce development, and energy efficiency. Below is a quick summary of each of our SmartWorks programs - click on the logos for more information on how each program helps Franklin County Find the Future Faster!
The InfrastructureWorks program provides timely, innovative, and flexible loan financing through the Franklin County Infrastructure Bank (FCIB) to support economic development projects within the county that will create jobs and economic growth. The FCIB functions as a revolving loan fund that makes below market interest rate loans to city, village, and township borrowers located within Franklin County to finance the public infrastructure required to facilitate an economic development project.
The PeopleWorks program assists private sector employers who face hiring challenges recruit Franklin County residents who currently receive public assistance from one or more Franklin County social service agencies. PeopleWorks matches the work-ready clients of our social service agencies to employers, and also contains grant programs to provide resources to an employer to train and hire low income Franklin County residents in the “hard skills” needed to succeed on the job.
The EnergyWorks program is an ongoing partnership with the Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority (CFFA) to capitalize the Columbus Region Energy Fund, which provides loan financing to Franklin County businesses and nonprofit organizations for cost-effective, energy efficiency improvements. EnergyWorks is designed to increase the energy efficiency of both existing and new facilities, resulting in lower energy costs, fewer carbon emissions, and economic growth in Franklin County.
The DowntownWorks program provides expertise and resources to Franklin County communities interested in downtown revitalization as a means of spurring economic growth. Through our partnership with Heritage Ohio, the program provides technical, organizational, and networking assistance to help our communities enhance the quality of life and economic health of their downtown areas

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