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Date: 11-28-2011

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Ben Piscitelli, Board of Elections

Board of Elections Schedules Recounts

The Franklin County Board of Elections will conduct two recounts from the Nov. 8 general election this Wednesday, Nov. 30- one of them mandatory in a race for Gahanna City Council, the other requested in the contest for Groveport Mayor.

The Gahanna recount will determine the winner for a council seat in Ward 2. Results certified last week show Brandon Wright leading Michael Schnetzer by nine votes, 897 to 888 , a difference of 36.87 percent to 36.50 percent and within the half point margin to require a recount under Ohio law. The recount will include 648 votes for third place finisher Joseph Gergley who won a total of 26.63 percent of votes cast.

Official totals for the Groveport Mayor's race were not within the margin for a mandatory recount, but will be recounted at the request of the challenger David Gale who trails Lance Westcamp by 13 votes, 943 to 930 or a margin of 50.35 to 49.65 percent in certified totals.

The Gahanna recount will begin at 9 a.m. with the Groveport recount following at 2 p.m.

Each recount will involve results from electronic voting machines and paper ballots. Machine totals will be recounted at the board of elections warehouse located at 1719 Alum Creek Drive, Columbus. Paper ballots will be recounted at the board of elections, located at 280 East Broad Street, Columbus.

Results will be announced immediately following each recount.