About Our Community

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What is Franklin County?

Franklin County, Ohio is a community first and foremost. A place where more than 1.3 million people are building lives, families, and businesses, a collection of 16 cities, 10 villages, and 17 townships, and home to Ohio’s capital city of Columbus. We are the largest and one of the most diversely populated counties in the state of Ohio, and a cultural and economic hub for the millions of people who call Central Ohio home. 

As the county government, we provide services that impact every resident of Franklin County every day. Whether you adopt a dog into your family, start a business, buy a new home, want to hike the more than 200 miles of trails in our 19 metro parks, get married, or need help taking care of yourself or your family – we’re here for you. 


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History and Governing Structure 

Franklin County was named for American statesman, scientist, and inventor Benjamin Franklin, and was established on April 30, 1803. The county’s structure grew and adapted over the years to meet the needs of our diverse communities and neighborhoods.  

Today, we do this thanks to the dedicated staff at our more than 30 agencies, 50 elected officials, and 35 appointed boards, commissions, and committees that make up the governing structure of the county. Franklin County’s budget is established by the Board of Commissioners, which oversees taxing, budgeting, and purchasing for the county. 

If you’re curious to learn more about the county’s budget, our governing structure, and where your tax dollars go, and how the county is supporting inclusive economic development, read through our annual State of the County report and Residents' Guide, and visit the website of our Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion.


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